Saturday, September 10, 2011


Weight loss and hair growth using the pills Fast Grow. Well, with weight loss I've lost another 2 inches and about 5 pounds. Discrepancy huh? Nope, I'm doing a lot of strength training and have incorporated running. I know me running right? Yes, my friend and I have a goal in mind by the end of this year and what better way to speed it up, by adding a different routine. People ask me how I lose weight and I say by moving this body of mine. I do zumba, toning and circuits for 1.5 hours almost everyday. I workout this long because I eat, I don't deprive myself. If I was trying to be all muscle and skin than I would rethink my routine, but I think being a size 10-12 is more tangible for me. Okay with my hair, I've been keeping it in braids and wearing lace wigs. Every other week I wash my hair, hot comb and flat iron and put it back into braids. I've been using fast grow and my hair has grown 3.5 inches since my last post. I think the average for hair growth is 1/2 inch per month. My post was 6/11/11 and its almost 9/11/11 so according to math my hair is growing a 2 inches faster than normal. Ill update in 3 months and we'll see if this hair growth continues to happen. Ge

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pedophiles in the Church

Creflo Dollar sickens me, he should understand the difference from a "wreck" and a "child molester." The Lord knows we are sinners saved by grace, but there's a difference between constantly doing something like child molestation and falsifying finances. To the Lord sin is sin and it all needs to be covered by his blood, but Bishop Eddie Long is taking his authority as a "Bishop, overseer, leader," and misconducting with innocent boys.
When Jesus was preaching he ( Luke 18:16) bidded the young children to come to him and said "anyone that offends these children deserves to have a milestone around their neck and drowned." Whew! Harsh right? (Some new versions, just simply say don't hinder their spiritual growth)

The point is this: trying to say that he simply had a wreck when he molested young boys in his care is telling me that he has the same spirit as Bishop Eddie Long. I don't care how much work you do for people, if your heart isn't right, then it isn't worth anything. All people who claim to be of Christ is not a follower of Him, they're just deceiving silly minded people.  So if you listen to the link Creflo is calling the parishioners negros and bleeping his stuff to prove a point, this lets me know where his mind is. He's misleading people by telling others "go back and support him (molester), don't come here." It infuriates me and listening to someone so ignorant makes my flesh boil.  Don't they know a lot of children who are molested grow up with low self esteem, hating themselves, can be violent, might be abusers, or commit suicide? When you do this type of thing, you are ruining their lives. I don't know if Bishop Long has been molested, but if he has it's time to face the past and remove it out of his life. He needs to come clean with himself and with his family. I haven't heard too much from his wife, but a woman who condones that is no better. I have so much to say, but for the sake of the ones reading this, I will cut it short.

 FYI: I want to say this I am not judging because I also am a sinner saved by grace, but I know the difference between right and wrong and what goes against God's word. I don't judge when the facts and evidence are given to me. This is the same type of situation as it is with priest who do this and get moved to another parish, so all opinions are welcomed to comment. Tell me your thoughts and post them below.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weight Loss

I have been on my weight loss journey for about 8 months or so. I've realized things about my body that has helped me loose 1-2 pounds per week. First of all, I love to exercise, working out at the YMCA doing zumba, strength training, cardio, yoga, whatever-a-thons helped me loose over 30 pounds now. I haven't really changed my eating habits, but have been conscious of my foods. I work out 2 hours Monday - Thursday and try to eat before I head off to the gym. I started working out because I saw that my weight slowly went up every year. Mind you I was never a small woman, I was always a size 12 or above and was comfortable until I saw my body change over 15 years, gaining 1-2 pounds per year. My weight really shot up after my freshman year and didn't stop till November of 2010. I decided to make a change. OK, cons: remember when I told you I haven't changed my eating habits? Well, I tend to eat out instead of cook, so that's food I don't know the salt content, fat or sugars, which isn't good. I've noticed from cooking at home with olive oil and less salt, my weight came off easier. Also, I don't like to workout at home, so if I'm tired from work, I will rest and go to sleep and become complacent. These have been my battles. I also notice when I feel like the weight isn't coming off, I step on the scale and I see 2-4 pounds lost. Weird huh? My goal is 20-25 more.... stay tuned...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping Online

The whoas of shopping online.... I really am loving this online shopping, but the whole research of finding out where to go and what is the best buy is the hardest to do. I started looking online to youtube gurus and have found some amazing ideas and honest reviews.

Since I am a student I've bought of course my school books on amazon as well as some organic hair care products. You know I'm all about the dollar deal so I looked on youtube, did some googling, emailed my instructors back and forth and was able to find my book that cost $175+ for under $40.00. What a deal...
Then I needed some hair care products like castor oil, argon oil and such and found products by Moroccan Oil and found some cheaper products by One n' Only (have you heard of it??) Here's the link: Argan Oil

Anyways I will try it, but I have been doing the castor oil massage treatment for a couple months now and my hair is growing constantly. My hair is chemically treated, so the new growth is shining through. I am transitioning to being completely natural. Woohoo

I am also going to The Hair pills, yeah I know, for what? Right? Well, I wanted to see what all the rave was about plus I workout 2 hours a day so I will need the extra vitamins. Stay tuned...