Saturday, September 10, 2011


Weight loss and hair growth using the pills Fast Grow. Well, with weight loss I've lost another 2 inches and about 5 pounds. Discrepancy huh? Nope, I'm doing a lot of strength training and have incorporated running. I know me running right? Yes, my friend and I have a goal in mind by the end of this year and what better way to speed it up, by adding a different routine. People ask me how I lose weight and I say by moving this body of mine. I do zumba, toning and circuits for 1.5 hours almost everyday. I workout this long because I eat, I don't deprive myself. If I was trying to be all muscle and skin than I would rethink my routine, but I think being a size 10-12 is more tangible for me. Okay with my hair, I've been keeping it in braids and wearing lace wigs. Every other week I wash my hair, hot comb and flat iron and put it back into braids. I've been using fast grow and my hair has grown 3.5 inches since my last post. I think the average for hair growth is 1/2 inch per month. My post was 6/11/11 and its almost 9/11/11 so according to math my hair is growing a 2 inches faster than normal. Ill update in 3 months and we'll see if this hair growth continues to happen. Ge