Monday, June 13, 2011

Pedophiles in the Church

Creflo Dollar sickens me, he should understand the difference from a "wreck" and a "child molester." The Lord knows we are sinners saved by grace, but there's a difference between constantly doing something like child molestation and falsifying finances. To the Lord sin is sin and it all needs to be covered by his blood, but Bishop Eddie Long is taking his authority as a "Bishop, overseer, leader," and misconducting with innocent boys.
When Jesus was preaching he ( Luke 18:16) bidded the young children to come to him and said "anyone that offends these children deserves to have a milestone around their neck and drowned." Whew! Harsh right? (Some new versions, just simply say don't hinder their spiritual growth)

The point is this: trying to say that he simply had a wreck when he molested young boys in his care is telling me that he has the same spirit as Bishop Eddie Long. I don't care how much work you do for people, if your heart isn't right, then it isn't worth anything. All people who claim to be of Christ is not a follower of Him, they're just deceiving silly minded people.  So if you listen to the link Creflo is calling the parishioners negros and bleeping his stuff to prove a point, this lets me know where his mind is. He's misleading people by telling others "go back and support him (molester), don't come here." It infuriates me and listening to someone so ignorant makes my flesh boil.  Don't they know a lot of children who are molested grow up with low self esteem, hating themselves, can be violent, might be abusers, or commit suicide? When you do this type of thing, you are ruining their lives. I don't know if Bishop Long has been molested, but if he has it's time to face the past and remove it out of his life. He needs to come clean with himself and with his family. I haven't heard too much from his wife, but a woman who condones that is no better. I have so much to say, but for the sake of the ones reading this, I will cut it short.

 FYI: I want to say this I am not judging because I also am a sinner saved by grace, but I know the difference between right and wrong and what goes against God's word. I don't judge when the facts and evidence are given to me. This is the same type of situation as it is with priest who do this and get moved to another parish, so all opinions are welcomed to comment. Tell me your thoughts and post them below.

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