Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping Online

The whoas of shopping online.... I really am loving this online shopping, but the whole research of finding out where to go and what is the best buy is the hardest to do. I started looking online to youtube gurus and have found some amazing ideas and honest reviews.

Since I am a student I've bought of course my school books on amazon as well as some organic hair care products. You know I'm all about the dollar deal so I looked on youtube, did some googling, emailed my instructors back and forth and was able to find my book that cost $175+ for under $40.00. What a deal...
Then I needed some hair care products like castor oil, argon oil and such and found products by Moroccan Oil and found some cheaper products by One n' Only (have you heard of it??) Here's the link: Argan Oil

Anyways I will try it, but I have been doing the castor oil massage treatment for a couple months now and my hair is growing constantly. My hair is chemically treated, so the new growth is shining through. I am transitioning to being completely natural. Woohoo

I am also going to The Hair pills, yeah I know, for what? Right? Well, I wanted to see what all the rave was about plus I workout 2 hours a day so I will need the extra vitamins. Stay tuned... 

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